The Longest Night lyrics

Two lonely hearts in search of love
Meet finally face to face
The happiness and joy Id lost
I found in your embrace
A taste of heaven is in your kiss
I lie you down and then
I memorize what Im feeling now
Dont want this night to end (it was the)

1 - longest night of my life
We made love until the morning light
(it was the)
Longest night of my life
Why did we ever
Have to say goodnight
I never wanna say goodnight

Yeah, I wish this night could go on forever
And if I can do anything to make that happen
I promise you
Ill do it

Oh, Im lying awake and Im dreaming about
The vows Ill make to you
Tomorrow our father, our family, our friends
Will hear us say I do
This moment in time dances all through my mind
Our sacred wedding day
I never knew eleven hours could seem
A million miles away (it was the)

2 - longest night of my life
Praying tomorrow youd be my wife (it was the)
Longest night of my life
Praying wed never have to say goodbye
I never wanna say goodbye

These are the first days of the rest of my life
Lets do our best
To raise a family
To love each other
To have and hold
In sickness and health
Till death do us part
Baby, we gotta work on this
We dont ever have to say goodbye
Well just love each other

I never will forget the look
You had upon your face
No tears to cry, no long goodbyes
You want to leave this place
So now my nights are sleepless
No apologies to say
Im trying to be strong
Im trying to hold on
And face another day (after the)

Longest night of my life
Why did you ever say goodbye
I was in love with you
Did what you want me to do, oh
(it was the)
Longest night of my life
And the tears fall from my eyes

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