The Plan lyrics

[feat. Sniper]

What's the plan?
I'll revel some of it to you

What's the plan? To not let you consciously advances
With mindless radio and television programs
Doping you up with new grand's of illegal contraband
Once again activated the hand of the sun of man
No regards for life no change for yours
Lies and more techs that will finance in wars
Why you parting ignoring the news inside laws
Deceptively form and methods to keep you behind bars
Who rules the planet the people who's over dim?
The president ain't number one he got powers controlling him
Long before 9/11 nationwide fraud
America had been the master of the inside job
Anytime there was a tragedy the face was in the picture (yeah)
When the Rothschild family was breaking bread with Hitler
And all they ever did was enslave you and pillage you
Stop honoring and country that's responsible for killing you

[Chorus: Sniper]
Sound the alarm
The government is try'na do us harm
Don't worry bout the weather it's a comet in the storm
Pay attention to the mission cause they wools about to get'cha
Either do as they say or they'll take you out the picture

What's the plan? The prophet off the poor man's habits
Formal sutical corpses met a nation of drug addicts
They don't wanna cure they want money while you a dope fiend
I see the devil every time I look at Osteen
It's hell in the ghetto but it's better in the birds
Countries under control of the Federal Reserve
Wicked regene form back in nineteen-thirteen
Our international bank of rule president's against
The truth covered up by the media auto-marquis
Crush Bill O'Reilly had a tea with Pat Robertson
All the evil alphabets, they can go to hell
F.B.I., C.I.A. and eighty L
D.E.A. the court system less employed
The judge is properly wearing some panties under his role (yeah)
They know that rule is over and the God's gonna get em
But the plan is to try to take the whole world with em

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
These snakes are pressing messages with border patrol
Try'na keep you off their own land a land that they stole
Hypocrites satanic people out to harm ya
Took Texas to Mexico, Arizona and California
In human life, they mercurially experimented
The earthquake in Haiti, hell Harth might of did it
They blamed terrorism for every building that blown
Most attacks on this country were carried out by they own
Every sick move left the poor infected by the cars (uh-huh)
In the past they blew up their own ships to start wars
Too put guns and dope in the hood, they decided it
They'll lock you up for it wins an award who provided in it
Now they lock in strategies average people ain't fraterment
Practices in murder tackish whenever we have a gathering
Never had respect in who would characted afore
They just lived up to the label, America the horror

[Chorus x2]

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