The Way That It Goes lyrics

Thats the way it goes
Ive been waiting for the perfect woman, to come and rescue me
Well there she is and I can almost touch her, oh, but I just cant speak
Whoo yeah

Sometimes thats just the way that it goes, some you win, some you lose
Sometimes thats just the way that it goes, there aint much you can do
Ive been dreamin bout a 50 shevy, dry and red of gleaming chrome
Saved up my money and bought some beat up wagon, ooh but now Im walking home
Dont you know -

They say that lifes the luck to the draw, well I aint had no cards
I only know that nothings for sure, and the only lucks hard

Cars and girls on an endless highway, the all american dream
Girl Id better try, yeah try and find it, and it aint what it seems
Dont you know -

(chorus) (repeats 2x)

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