This Time lyrics

When all is said and done
Ill always be your son
But all is not forgiven
Well Im on my knees pleading
Just cause Im grown you think I dont need
Much more than what youve ever given me

So when we gonna get together
Seems theres no time for me
You act like you got forever
Youve got time, but you aint got time for me

You said youve got time
But you aint got time for me

Now that youve gone and tossed
The bottle away now will ya
Start a new life with the new wife
Well shell never be my mother
I suppose that you know you oughta
Remember the ones you left behind


Youre just letting it slip away now
You act like things are fine
Iknow you think youve been born again
But this time
Youre leaving your son behind

This time
This time
This time

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