Through & Through lyrics

Youve got that look in your eye again
Its working overtime
Worried about where Im gonna spend my life
But its much too late, its much too late
Oh its much too late to start picking fights

You said: where ya been, where ya been
Where ya going to, where ya going to, where ya going to?
cause Im right here, yeah

Cant it wait, cant it wait, cant it wait
Just a minute now, just a minute now, come on

I need some air to breathe
I need some space, just leave
cause Im colder than ever (colder than ever)
I said Im colder than ever
Im empty, empty through and through

Someday theyll see, someday Ill be
Unwanting of somewhere to hide
But for now Ill take shelter
Deep in the back of my mind
Can it wait? cant you wait?
cause I aint ready to lay it on the line
I still shake, I still shake
From this chill in my spine

Ive got this chill yeah
In the back of my spine
Baby all the time now
Chilling my bones, chilling all alone now

Find a way, find a way, Ive found a way
To cope with the everyday now
Raise your hands if you understand


Smilings just a phase yeah
And nothing can phase me

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