Tigers Are Noble lyrics


This is a sad song, about tigers.


Let's champion the tigers.


Let's champion the tiger 'cause.

You know, I think that maybe I wrote this song for many reasons

But I was telling them earlier, I was in a cab in Toronto the other day

And the CBC was on and they were talking to a lady

Who specializes in animal husbandry

And she takes care of the tigers at The Toronto Zoo.

And they said "Well do you ever reintroduce the tigers?"

And she goes "Well, no, because their habitat can't sustain them."

And immediately I thought to myself

'There's so many extra children, we could just feed the children, to these tigers.'

We don't need them. We're not doing anything with them.

Tigers are, tigers are...



[Male voice:]



Noble, and sleek

Children are loud and messy

I was one of those children

If I were to become tiger food

It would've been more noble than





Probably ruined the song for you now

But we'll still play it for you anyway

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