Trace Elements lyrics

Alright listen up, cause this is scientifical
Y'all better drop your cerebral drawers, 'cause I'm about to blow your minds

Compound microscopes
Radioactive isotopes
Spectrometer, separate mass
Sublimation, solid to gas
Logarithm, square the root
Chemical spill, hazmat suit
No D's, C's, B's for me
Just PhD's since I was three

Stool ain't nothin' but a pile of shit,
That I don't give when I analyze it
If you want relativity,
go fuck your momma at light speed

Cultured petris
research disease
Sub-string theories
Human nature
Argon laser
Occam's Razor

In a given system the simplest answer is usually the correct one, asshole.

Tesla's coil thang
Steve Hawking's robot twang
Euclid light protractor pulls
Heisenburg's quarky principles
Radon killed the curious Madame
Niels Bohr's faggoty atom
I hope one day they terraform Mars
So we can get fucked up in Martian Bars
I'll put tits on a shark and I'll make 'em green
That's what I'll do with my hand in your genes
And genes ain't nothin' but expressions of cells
And hydrogen sulfide makes farts smell

373 Kelvin degrees
Darwin Species
(We'se chimpanzees)
Dual-core chip dip
Blue screen disk slip
Pascal's tri-tip
Wormhole time-rip

Yeah that's the second reference to the film "Contact," so what?

Kingdom, phylum, order, but I got no class
I'll re-arrange your face when I'm cloning your ass
And if you've got two x-chromosomes I'll coat your velvety walls
With all them flagellates swimming in my balls
Put my jism in your schism
Make another organism

(Two, three, five, seven)

Vasectomies shut down testes
Fifty CCs
(Fluid feces)
Kidneys expel NACL
Alfred Nobel's TNT sells
Mendel's green peas
Teenage acne
(Filled like Twinkies)

You've been told
Down to my soul I'm a Deoxyribonucleic Asshole
Carrying the two
I'm a God-doubtin', Bunsen-burnin' son-of-a-bitch
And my chemical symbol's FU

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