Traingle Formation lyrics

Hold up, hold up, yeah

Staring at the jewellery got another court case
N my lawyers lined up in a triangle formation
When I'm droppin somethin similar to horse racing
Always in the lead but that mean that your chasin
Stead of goin pop id rather give em more waitin
It ain't more of me that's means there's probably more fakin
Dey'll be in the office I'm a be on tour tapin
The rap game chuckie I'm an a&r's jason
Mask on my face and they really knowin whoo
I always bein the answer so your staring at da clue
9 double 1 is the next thing ya need to do
No r o b b's yea I lost a couple screws
You streaming in the whip retweet how I flip
I'm goin live like them saturday night skits
No bunnies always on my dick amg kit lit
Keep the hammer and the clip too legit can't quit
They know it's me I'm in the baddest caddilac in town
And living color on my screens homie act a clown
Somebody ever call my name out I ain't backin down
They tried to test me but they can't like I'm pacqiou
Fargo I'm tryin to get the dough wired
I love banks no hilary and no tyra
She gettin bread and plus her heads so fire
She'll set your hair on FIRE like the ghostwriter
Man I had the hair she brushed
Messed up turned the diamond to a fair b plus
Put the rage on the lady with a pair d cups
Handcuff that she bust out to tear these nuts
Hundred thousand in the duffle tucked up under the arm pits
Make it to the bank I know my mission is accomplished
And my street distrubution is hummungous
Got everybody switchin they directions like a compass
Spinnin bows, hit the road and naked hoes, gettin thowed,
Michelob, zipper made of mistletoe, sip a load,
Jenna doo, betcha she gon give a blow, fore she go, let her know, what she did was pityful
But it's ok I forgive your sins
I'm the god of the bars so I get more spins
If you can't see that he is me then go fix your lens
Only reason I'm in the game is to get more wins

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