Valley Of Decision lyrics

I'm in a spiritual prison, but on this day I've arisen
To the vision of an internal god and Satan collision
The fight to win me took place within me
And whoever I submit it to would ultimately choose where they would send me
I stood motionless, approaching this comatose-ness with openness
Could only hope and wish for sanity when I awoke from this
I'm coping with the possibility of making the wrong choice
No reason to rejoice, I heard Satan speak in my own voice

You love me don't you?
Think of everything I meant to you
Since day one remember all the happiness I sent to you
The days that I provided ways for cash to pay the rent for you
The things you meant to do that he prevented you, I lent to you

He tempted you and you let worldly elements effect you
The things that I prevented you were done so to protect you
I expect you to make mistakes, but call I won't neglect you
Follow me and I'll eject secular ways and resurrect you

You know I'll follow you god, your power I done seen it

Yeah I hear your mouth but profess I don't really think you mean it
You been claiming religion but you seem to do what I say
If he got more to offer, then why you always leaning my way?

That's a good question, see god it's like you there but still I'm one deep
Sometimes the abstract is harder to take to than the concrete
So talk and faith is one thing, I want to feel you like a sun beam

But the key part of faith son is believing in the unseen

What do you mean?

Let me explain it K-Rino
Do you believe you have a brain?
Have you ever seen it?
(No, oh)
Now do you understand?

Yeah it just hit me
Just because I can't see you that don't mean that you ain't wit' me

Let me jump between this nonsense, y'all analyze too much
What feels better things you visualize a thing that you can touch
You already know the business if you step into my zone
I'll award you all the lustful things he'll never condone

haha, this reminds me of a dolomite movie
If I make a deal with you then in the end you goin' do me
I'm caught between two forces trying to actively peruse me
Confused on who's truly loaded with the tools to rule me

I already rule you won't you just admit it (never!)
Think of all the things I gave you, all the fun we had together
(yeah we did have some good times)
So lets end this discussion

Wait a minute K think of all the pain a repercussions
All the problems that you caused people and when trouble got too hard
Who saved your life and fixed the situation?
(it was you lord!)
That's right son, so come with me I'll show you real wealth
You bowing down to an entity that's lower than yourself

Yeah that makes sense I'll follow you

[Satan disguised as God:]
You made the right choice, you won't regret this

Hold up god, what's the matter with your voice?

[Satan disguised as God:]
Oh, I'm just a little hoarse son from all this debating

God, hoarse, wait a minute I been tricked man this is Satan
You deceived me and brought me here to make me follow wrong

Yeah the voice you thought was God was really my voice all along

Well if that's the case I didn't know so God will still bless me
That means that God was speaking in your voice to try to test me
I guess at least I'm hoping that's the way it gotta be

Not necessarily actually K both voices were me (laughs)

Awww man I done accidentally condemned my own soul
Gave it up to evil knowing that ain't even how I roll
Yeah I sin, but I love God and that's who I submit to

I know son and that's why I came down here to get you

Hold up now, who is this? See now I'm getting confused

I'm the real God this was a test son you made it through

How I know this ain't another trick and what you say is true?

Once you claimed me Satan lost all power over you
But he was never here in this case I made it this hard

So you was God posing as Satan
Doing an imitation of God acting like Satan?
That's too deep, but I'm glad it's all over

It's never over cause the real devil is always on your shoulder
So remember every single trial that I put you through
If you was in the valley of decision, what would you do???

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