Veterans Day lyrics

[Verse 1 - Lil' Wayne]
I like my pussy a little wetter, my drinks a little colder
My girls a little older with her hair past her shoulders
Like my weed a little stronger, my money a lot longer
If blooding ain't right than I couldnAc€™t be a wronger
IAc€™m a bad muthafucker, be very afraid
Boy this heat will give your ass a raspberry beret
Been in the building muthafucker we ain't never escape
Cash Money is the army, Veteran's Day
The block got hotter, the World got colder
So fuck a diamond chain we wearing guns on our shoulder
If you want it you can get it, come and sign up,
We got choppers that will put that Tony Romo 9 up
Man we so about it, 5 star count it
Could have fucked the World but I left it how I found it
Took the game to school now IAc€™m 'bout to cap and gown it
Got a circle of success you can say IAc€™m way around it

Yeah and by the way my name is TouchAfA©

[Verse 2 - Birdman]
Uptown roller, take it off your shoulder
TommyAc€™s with the flag, spent the hundred high rollinAc€™
Flipped it off the condo, made it off the conda
Sky scraping condo top floor aroma
High to the sky when I step up in this bitch
Thousand dollar cologne, no ceiling in this bitch
The marble for the Louis the bag full of cash
Keep a strap on me, a mill' on the tab

Priceless with these numbers, flipping in the seat
Junior doing time, kicking up his feet
A mill' on the books, IAc€™m stuntin' with a fleet
A pretty red bitch we smash every week
Blowing on some good Maybach back seat
The bitch sleeping good, a mill' on the sheets
Born rich from the hood YMCMB
Yeah Maybach, brrrap

[Verse 3 - Rick Ross]
IAc€™m that fat muthfucker, young entrepreneurs
Zombies in the street we got them pouring out the sewers
Most controversial in the muthafucking truest
And by looking at my jewels IAc€™m still the muthafucking coolest
Waving your flag you just a fucking blood donor
And this bitch far from bad who put these fucking Uggs on her
Took her to California spent a fucking dub on her
When she walk up in the club now every fucking thug want her
IAc€™m just so fucking special, let's see what's on the menu
Fuck the promoter my grand bigger than the venue
This the shit IAc€™m into all black in the rental
My chopper be making hits it's such a sad instrumental
These niggas love boys enjoying their little toys
IAc€™m building hotels off the coast of St. Croix
100 mill' I accept nothing less
Black Raybans and ObamaAc€™s next address

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