Walls Come Down lyrics

Well it always seems to happen when I least expect it
Like a cool summer rain in the west of Texas
Dusty roads seem to let off steam
when the rain comes pourin down
Well the bottom of my heart was most affected
The center and the soul so connected
To the touch of her hand
The sound of her voice telling me sweet pretty lies

Let the walls come down
Can't you hear theat sound
From the night I found my dream
Oh Lord let it be
It's amazing to see
What one night in her arms can do for me

When I wake up in the morning
And my mind I go in the middle of the night
With my lights turned low to my angel girl
With smilin eyes she's got a radio up loud
When I'm out on the road I gotta get back home
Well bless my soul I'm gonna lose control
It's just a matter of time before i get that girl
Gonna turn my life around


Well she answers the phone on the very first ring
Sleepin by the side and hopin it would ring
The heart beats for her at the end of the line


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