Warrior Soul lyrics

The times are so weird, the people here
Feel constant fear and danger
They need to be saved before it's to late
In the eyes of every stranger
Sometimes it seems enemies
Are not very far away and I wanna say

Show me a warrior's soul
Let me reach into your heart
Let me see and feel the fire
That I can be a fighter
Become a warrior too
Just like you

Every star wonders where you are
Are you trapped and still alive
I've tried to get through,
I'm needing you
To let me know that you survived
Sometimes it seems the enemies
Are not so far away
And I don't wanna stay


Don't let our dream come true
Become a nightmare
Oh, please don't
I'm depending on you
To come and save me
Come on now
You said you'd always love me
I need to know


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