Watch Him lyrics


Watch him
Watch him
Watch him

[Verse 1:]
Uh, it must be the thing to do
People seem to go to jail after they seen with'chu
Real counterfeiting members of your team of who
Let me distinguish the differences between the two
Drug bust, side million, work for work, no kidney
Everybody got years you the only one binny
Much later resurfaced, replan and renamed
Relocate, reorganize, recycle the game
Police top agents stay involved with the stations
Specializing and infiltration of organizations
By half the cats look out in the game in awhile
The common denominator was your name in a file
He done got up in you click so deeply
You could prickly unaware that he reporting through authorities weekly
Got fooled by the gangsta garments
Shouldn't followed your existence cause that's a undercover informant

[Chorus: x2]
You better watch that bwoy!
That dude is an agent
Every move that he ever made included a payment
Star witness for the prosecution making a statement
Got you charge and locked up for waiting arrangement

[Verse 2:]
He came out and left field tryna be down
And don't nobody even know who brought him around
But instead and eventually
You saw a bit-lick potentially and anything you need he got it instantly
Trusting and button faker than two blond blacks
He done took ya too higher places in new contacts
But getting jammed with some work ain't funny
Now you got a line of charges pimped on ya like birthday money
You knew something was shaky but you missed the connection
They had him in Idaho in the witness protection
Showing boys where the money at status and guard
He real cool with the police, all of em know him
You done made money with him now ya starting to trust
On the phone saying things hustlers never discuss
Fast forward to the courtroom facing the judge
Prosecutor laughing at you, you ain't know who he was?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
You can research the files of hover
And read through the multiple powers of the FBI's wild maneuvers
From the time the CIA was instituted
They experimented with hypnosis and mental movements
Man prove it
Ordinary folks had the thoughts provoke through a mind process called operation artichoke
And anytime a black movement rose up
Agents sow planet in the circle to make it close up
People we let into the hideout
Defined and conquered us from the inside out
They join up and putting the hours
Thoughts of participating report back to the powers
The silence any noise in you
They'll crash airplanes bust a shot or maybe poison you
Just too carry out a wicked agenda
Now the doodlers stood with'cha at the same cattle put a hole in ya

[Chorus x2]

Better watch him

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