Watcha Come Around Here lyrics

Verse 1: spliff star

A flipmode yall (x4)
Yo, uh
I spits rhymes for thug cats
Neighborhood drug rats
Keep it raw
Niggaz love that
Stack the greenbacks
And stay steady with the weed sack
Spliff star one of the famous foreigners
>from east flat-bush
Fire arms till you no longer breather black
Make it hot
Standin on the corner wit the g-pack
Look at me
Lampin in defiance wit my seats back
Got the game to fuck wit ? jane? where you and her sleep at

Verse 2: rah digga

Lyrically inclined
And inclined to get lyrical
Checkin for residuals
Rhymin be the ritual
Ill individual
Bad habitat
Watch my voice battle cats
While Im spittin battle raps
On the high horse
And I keep my saddle strapped
Youd be headin up the river like where the paddle at?
Got a rhyme overload
Rah digga always front ya
Leavin niggaz stuck like I was accupuncture


Got niggaz from the hood
Thinkin shit all good
Im askin all yall
Watcha come around here fo!!!
Got niggaz outta town
Tryin to come and be down
Im askin all yall
Watcha come around here fo!!!
Got niggaz online
Think they fuckin wit mine
Im askin all yall
Watcha come around here fo!!!
Im askin all yall
Watcha come around here fo!!!
Im askin all yall
Watcha come around here fo!!!

Verse 3: baby sham

It makes alot of sense
When you see sham in black benz
With high friends
Pull up the club wit dark tints
Never jump out
Thats why they lookin dead in my mouth
They must have doubts
Like who the stars wit no lookouts
Youd be amazed and surprised to who would run in your house
And tag their names on the stomach of your pregnant spouse
I shall leave you wit dat
Bib from qb
Boys in black
And foul attitudes to match

Verse 4: busta rhymes

Now who you be god
I be the soul controller
I burst gas like the fizz outta your coca cola
Live shit like the energy of solar
With thug niggaz wit names like bullet head and cobra
Street niggaz be feelin the nights gettin cold, the rock
Bear skin furs like australian polar
Hang up on whack bitches who call the motorolla
And smack faggots like you dont make me have ta show ya


Verse 5: rampage

Ramp Im not talkin son Im comin out clappin
All you whack niggaz be poppin shit yall niggaz actin
Flipmode number 1 squad that make shit happen
Im rippin down shit while yall other niggaz slackin
Money cats is stocked and locked plus Im stackin
Them grimy niggaz rollin with me
Them niggaz packin
Bust 4 in your face pop 4 in your back and
8 bullets total in all Im street trackin

Verse 6: rocky marciano

2 for my block like 10 in the mornin
Squish your organs like swiss scheese whippin the arm
And flava blaze I play the corner
Wake up your neighbors wit my tape in order to feel my aura
Mauziano Im like a silver tzar holdin golden
Metal & dough I hold my arm swollen
On the farm belong for soldiers I control is like they seein moses
Fiendin for flows I pose to split you open
Layin back rappers for motion picture me slap on my rappin boots


Verse 7: lord have mercy

The earth is the globe
Where I work my magic like merlin unfold
Surface enclosure
Life worthless no goals
Perfect controls
Like ayatolas turbans and robes
From the counties of kings
Bails, bounties, pissie lobbies
50 armies
Probably bring hell on this earth
Legend of dirt
Smash ghettos & generals turf
Menace incredible work
Land lord blaze him and gave him the dirt


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