We Live On Borrowed Time lyrics

I never thought that there could be
A love like yours and mine
I never dreamed that I would see
The day that I would find
A love that feels so right
But here we are tonight
And now the only thing we really need is time

We live on borrowed time
No one can be sure
When the loan will finally come due
But I'm loving all of mine
I know what time is for
I've borrowed it
So I can spend it all right here with you

There was a time when I believed
That life held guarantees
There was a time that I was sure
My future was secure
But life had other plans
The future's in God's hands
And knowing that just makes me love you even more

We live on borrowed time
Yesterday is past
Tomorrow seems a million miles away
But I promise you that I'm
Gonna make love last
By living every moment
Every hour every day

Now we may have a year
Or we may have a lifetime
No one can be certain
What the future will allow
But you and I are here
And this time is the right time
Cause one thing that I know
Is that we have each other now
And now

And we live on borrowed time
Let's celebrate and sing
As we walk bravely in to the unknown
Cause we're gonna be just fine
Whatever life may bring
We'll face it all together
And we'll never be alone

We'll face it all together
And we'll never be alone

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