Weep No More lyrics

Gordon jenkins / tom adair

Im just about fed up
Ive finally had my fill
Of sitting around and crying in my beer
Ive drunk the bitter cup
Ive downed the bitter pill
While waiting for the silver lining to appear

Im going to stack my blues up
On the very highest shelf
Im going to pack my blues up
And get wise to myself

(weep no more, my baby)
(weep no more, my baby)
Weep no more
Im going to weep no more
Im putting an end to this lonesome game
(its such a lonesome game this crying)

Cry no tears, Im going to cry no tears
Each time that I happen to hear his name
(I hear his name)
Im going out on the town
This hopeless torch I will drown
cause Im tired of running around
(running around)
With just a memory
Weep no more, Im going to weep no more
Till somebody weeps
(until somebody weeps) for me

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