What's The Pinocchio's Theory? lyrics

[charlie brown]
Yo check it out, yo brown, coming up with the sound all around
Check it out, l.o.n.s. for 90 yall,
Ahhh! whats up? do I got the hands in the air?
Yo did I make moves, did I make moves?
Yo, ow! did I make moves yo, so check it out, yo

This is a theory that Ive come up with
Between my mind and my heart theres no riff
My story starts off in turtle hawk
Where the browns bought me sneakers and the back rhyme book
Yo battling for ranks, I didnt have the banks
Ahhhh! yeah, I simply got to thanks
But yo that was cool cause I kept striving
To go to high school and I kept climbing
A man with a shock from five ten
Gave me promises and dreams, said the contracts would end
For years sweating tears and frustration
Walking and talking, 360 rotations
Oh yeah, lying brian, where is your record?
The girls are coming up in a matter of seconds
Ahh! ahh! who you think youre fooling?
With those played-out lottos, you know you aint cooling
Distressed in class, troopers say stay up
Its hard to stay up when theyre pulling me down, you know
Times move on, graduation countdown
School with lions den, hes a clown
Imporant, decisions, to make
Years of tears, everythings at stake
I had the strength to believe in me made charlie b
Take a risk and yall see
I shot for the stars and you know I caught it
Dinco d, busta rhymes, and milo saw it
Two years of hell, now were paid off
To prove my rhymes, that it aint soft
Yo! elektra selects a new breed to lead them
In the 90 with success and then
Make everyone look leary
Awww! they know, pinocchios theory

Aww! they know, you check it out for the 90
Dinco d, busta rhymes, and milos in the place to be, check it out

A boy came down every day with the girls
Hes jabbering on the mix nonsense
Pinocchio, questions remain
To the likely, notorious win
Ex youre zoning, ahhh!, youre zoning
I made moves, cut cut!
Cut, making move, making move, ahhh!
Clear the rhythm

A b c d e f g, h I j k l m n o p
Q r s, t u v, w x y z
Now I know my abcs, next time wont you sing with me?

Go on, laugh, make a jackass out of yourself

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