When Pain Came To Town lyrics

Thin long sharp the blade was brought forth
Gently placed on human skin
Slowly coming closer to the eye

Too afraid to move a muscle
Too afraid to say a word
The panic makes it hard to breathe
Short stab makes the knife penetrate the eye

Leaning backwards to see the eye drip
Filling up with blood inside

All this time he keeps on blinking
Smearing the eye down his face
Stringy messy bloody gore

Time to hurt his other eye
Piercing gently
Slicing just an inch or so the eye bursts slowly drips down the chin

Not a sound stunned by pain

Both his eyes are punctured smearing out stringy tissue and blood dripping down
Sitting up with his face all smeared gasping with an open mouth
Still no sound no sign of pain no movement not a single moan

This spectacle makes me laugh

Strike again with more aggression
With a single violent blow, face is damaged nose is gone now he screams

Finally this fucker suffers he's lashing out
Attempts to fight
Blinded by my work on his eyes

He's not hard to throw down
Weeping begging for a swift end

Poking stabbing in his gut
Blood starts gushing
Stab some more...

I stand up taking aim
Heaving body weight upon
His kneecaps
Legs bend

Crippled bum left behind
Broken bones
Punctured eyes
Leaving with a big grin
My work is done

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