Where Do We Go lyrics

Where (where) Where (where)
Where do we go from --where (where)
I can prove my love
Where do we go from--where
Let me open up to you
Let's swollow all the negativity of life
We can make it throught
Only if we try

I feel your tears fall from your face into my hand
I feel the hurt inside your heart near mine
Where did (we go wrong)?
(it's no way to figure out)
(I know I can't live without)


I miss you wispering softly in my ear
I miss your tender kiss against my lips
Where did (we go wrong)?
(i can't figure it out)? But I (but I)
I know (i know)
That I love you.........oh

(Baby please don't go) Ooh
(I will never lie) I wil never lie
(Lie again) Lie again
(Constantly I think) Constantly (of you)
I think of you
(oh yes) oh yes (i do) I do
(please stay) Please stay
(with me) with me
(Please stay)Ooh now
(with me) Ooh baby yeah yeah

Chorus 2x

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