Where You End & I Begin lyrics

(chuck jones, templeton thompson)
I guess Im just one of those
Who believes there has to be a reason
For living and breathing
Every time you pull me close
Something tells me therell be no more reaching
Youre everything Im needing
Oh, I dont know how it happened, I never thought I would
Find someone to complete me
Oh, I just cant explain it, this feeling that I get
Oh, aint no way to name it, but Im thinking baby

Maybe its the way you look at me
Like therell never be another
I get swept away, baby when
We get so caught up in each other
I dont know where you end and I begin
Where you end and I begin

All it takes is just one kiss
I just wanna get lost in this emotion
Like the river and the ocean
Oh, when you wrap your arms around me, it happens every time
Time dont seem to matter
Well always be together, I dont know what it is
That tells me its forever
But Im thinking baby

Repeat chorus

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