Whoo Ha (Got You All In Check) lyrics

(Busta)Ah aahAh aahAh AhC'monAh, Ah, Ah, Oh oh ohOhhAhhYeahBusta Rhymes, Janet JacksonHere We goOne TimeBaby, just tell me just how you feelWe livin it, and just givin it to you realBaby c'monEvery time, we crossin the borderlineWe givin it to you, makin you feel fineTurn the heat upBetter believe we gonna shineMake your body windBaby the pleasure is all mineTo my peopleRegulatin the dance floorBetter step to your business, handle yours, how we do itMakin you people just wanna bounce and get busy becauseYou know that we always will hit you off, what you sayYou wonderin why you feelin the forceAnd don't you worry cause you'll be ready to flossMore heat cause I always will put you onAnd blow the spot to the very second i'm gone, get your groove onNow that you tired, I hope your body recoupin because we keeping youmovin thats what we doin and you know we're gonna(chorus-Janet and Busta)Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet(Gonna make your body wet)Gonna make, gonna make your body scream out yeah(Make your body just scream out yeah, yeah)Gonna make, gonna make you think them naughty things(Make you think them naughty things)Of me on you, (All me on you) and you on me whats it gonna be(What it's gonna be?)Gonna make gonna make gonna make your body wet(Make your body wet, c'mon)Gonna make gonna make your body scream out yeah(Make your body scream yeah yeah, yeah yeah)Gonna make gonna make gonna make your body cream(Make your body cream)Make you have wet dreams(Make you have wet dreams)What, what what, what's it gonna be?(Busta)All my people, singing and waving your hands highHot shit, burnin and makin your ass fryBaby c'mon, give you the shit that'll make you quiverWhile I deliver the shit that'll hit you right in your liverAlways sound scannin, we never leavin you hanginI'm always doin my thing and my music always be bangin so Check itYou know we be always movin the crowdType

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