Why Bother lyrics

Yeah it's 6:47 and I don’t want to move today
I want to sleep the day away
just like I planed on doing yesterday
and I feel like today's going to suck worse than the day before
and I’m not going to get anywhere so why should I bother

my alarm went off at 7:00
I kind of figured there was no point
so I cut it off and I laid there staring at the posters on my wall
and I laid there waiting for you to call
and I feel like this day's going to repeat itself over and over again
so why should I bother

finally got out of bed at 2:38
and I forgot what today was
I got a little scared I was going to be late
but never mind I forgot about your date
the day flew by

it's 11:00 and I should've call you today
but I figured you'd be somewhere else
hanging out with some one else
so why bother...

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