Willing To Try lyrics

Chamillitary (Yeah)
See what'cha gotta do is man you gotta get in the real mode on this one right here
(Real talk, baby)
And I ain't nobody better than the realist to represent the realist
I know some of y'all might beg to differ (nomtombout?)
But I ain't really tripping off of that man, all of you squares
You can pop the CD right now, and we goin get to the (real talk, baby)
Yeah, you in the presence of the finest, Hangin With Mr. Koopa (I'm the greatest, baby, GREATEST!)
Yeah, hol' up, yeah

I got that million dollar vision they say work with a thou
If the label got no money, then I'm turning it down
If you with me in the drought which you just throw in the towel
Would you keep walking if I let you quench your thirst in your mouth?
Have you ever tasted pain like it hurt when ya smile?
Like they pull a lighter to your mouth and burnt ya a frown
Have ya ever put'cha partner on some work out of town?
And feel like any shark that ain't try'na work down da drown
Seen a woman at the church that was certainly proud
Then ya seen her after church lifting skirt getting plowed
I just saw a loud talker getting serve in the jaw
He got [? ]whid-bodke? that wasn't cursing as loud
Television ain't my vision I ain't serving with y'all
Playstation is for gamers I ain't playing at all
Ain't got time to chase the cat then be blaming the broad
With a dirty Jag she wanna Valley in my draws
Universal is the circus but I won't be a clown
And you say you never snitched but be the first one to doubt
Don't complain you don't want beef after you purchase the cow
Don't be flopping on the court and try to search for a foul
Don't think anything you say and ever hurting my style
If you don't like what I be saying, you should turn the ish down
Fat lady getting ready you and her finna chow
I'm the Phantom of the Opera and the curtains is down

The other day I was told that the realist would die
And the fakes that be calming that they real would survive
And I really would have sworn what he say was a lie
That's until I saw it happen right in from of my eyes
The other day I was told that the realist would rise
And that's when the world hit me with a gimmick surprise
I ain't never touched the sky but I'm willing to try
I'm Willing To Try, I'm Willing To Try

If the Venom don't go platinum would you say that I lost? (huh)
If I burn a couple bridges, will they make it across?
If I fire an employee will he know who the boss?
Do you really think he'll get a Millie from me in court? (Naw)
Can they say it isn't tricking when you breaking her off?
And the same girl you give it to is saying 'you soft'?
Screaming without a face, even able to talk?
Can you be gangsta on the net and leave me laying in chalk? (ha)
Picked up the pen and pad and I created a spouse
When it lived inside the booth like I had made it a house
I remember back when Swisha had em hating the Nouf
Now I got a lot of dimes like I rated my couch
Why you hanging with some women that ain't even adult?
Dayline walking and catch you it ain't even your fault
Why they don't give me the credit that I get in the South?
Why they say that I'm the sickest if I ain't gotta cough
Let'cha remain with'cha thoughts

Ha Ha
That's food for thought
Put some cheese on it
Venom album on the way
Chamillitary all day
Thought we was suppose to be done, right?
It was supposed to be over with
Remember six months ago...
I was done it was over
I'm the best option y'all got
I'm the best option y'all got and y'all know it!
Let me ride with it
Hol' up

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