Wolf Wolf lyrics

[Hook]Juicy J
Wolf Wolf all you want run yo mouth in da street, but ya aint gon fuck with a pitch of me, I dun give a mother fuck if you 100 deep, but ya aint gon fuck with a pitch of me.

[Lord Infamous]
Time for ho's to get slapped, and tha niggas get stomped, if crunk was a 44, this be tha pump, hit tha flo like a maniac, everybody bump? dont nobody bump like the hypnotize bump. So, rush em to tha left, push em to tha right, fuck a nigga up, wanna start sum shit tonite? Bust dem heads, fuck it, buy sum motherfuck lead. Want sum rude boys yo, with tha naughty dreads? Watch em, or push em, grab em and slam em, swing dem elbows, boy drop that hamma, juice main, paul, lord infamous, and crunch, I damn u niggas to throw tha first punch. We aint satisfied till a nigga leave paralyzed, underground now, were in now, its the hypnotize, chaious, destruction, mayhem.. plenty.. Loose your motherfuckin mind, bitch, do sum damage.

[Hook 2]

[Juicy J]
Whats the fuss about? Is it cause a nigga got doe? Whats tha cuss bout is it cause a nigga got hos? Hate to tha be tha one to tell u that a playa got ur honey, gotta work u in da peer, niggers takin all tha money. In da back of a black Cadillac suckin Jack, lickin Jill with tha X Pills, tryin to clean like cataraxs. Sittin in da front like a Mac smokin sacs, this is real smokin Laden kill, playin tha game of pass it back. If I buy her a brand new car, haters get mad, if I put sum shoes on dat bitch, haters get sad, If i get them brains blown out, then they cryin, Tv's and sum bump off in da rear, then they dyin. I close alot of doors, I pimp alot of whores, I fuck ur main girl, and she down on all 4's, Im straight from the North, Im down to tha core, its in my fuckin vains, and its sweatin out my pores.

[Hook 2]

[DJ Paul]
They neva take me alive, Im gettin high with my 4-5 stashed in my ride, watchin haters in dey eyes, id rather go in tha blaze, then be takin by sum bitches. I see em doin betta since I got away from snitches, Im the rawless, quick to break tha lawess, Really all they saw us? How quick I broke his jawless, ur dog Dj Paul aka The K O M-en , slap niggers in a minute cause they yap like women, we are the fuckin frizzain, we are tha fuckin jizzain, I keeps me a tomb, dont you dare step to me main, I live in tha South where them thugz out of control, you look off in dey mouth, u see a whole lot of golds, I love to load clips, I love to shoot guns, I love to load bullets in dey back when they run, these niggers talk shit around they click jus for fun, but see em in da streets, tha motherfuckas play dumb. Nigga!

[Hook 2]

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