Wonabees lyrics

[Chorus: Project Pat]
Wonabee wonabee
Everybody wonabee
Like a young G
Gold teeth, drinkin' Hennessy
Slang a ounce, to a bird
In the street, like the curb
Candy paint, twenty chrome
Chiefin' on green herb
[Verse 1: Gangsta Boo]
I got this clout NOW!
Back in the day, I wasn't here NOW!
Since I been droppin' these verses
I'm out the head
Just like the babies wanna think I'll come home
I'm from the South bloaw,
I got Hypnotize gear on my body, throw on the set
Real quick, y'all squeezin' them triggers we bout to pop (pop)
Any fly lil' mama's boy, who movin' up on the block
Think you the stuff, you think you rough, boy quit playin'
Gangsta Boo know where she stay
Between the nozzle you layin'
[Verse 2: Crunchy Blac]
You tryna wear my shoes
You tryna wear my clothes
You tryna be like me,
I'm tryna be like you bro,
What I'm really tryna say
You got to keep it all real
You can't be takin' no deal
You gotta get you a meal
See it's hard out here,
Peeps'll end ya career
See it's hard out here
People put you in a wheelchair
I'm tryna give you a meal
I'm tryna keep it all real
See you be fakin' a deal
So I'ma let ya see how it feel
[Chorus (2x)]
[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
Thinkin' ya ballin' this bangin'
Ya cold and ya hungry in ya sleep,
You wish that was your life
So y'all been yappin' for a chiefy
Ya greedy and fiendin' to be a happy ?sa-super chi?
But you don't think it because there's plenty
of dues to be paid, up in this industry,

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