Won't Cry lyrics

You hoped that if you'd forget your memories
That they'd forget you too
You'd put a bandage on your aching spot and that will make you feel good
Well I think someone should have told you that
This ain't the way it works
And that you have to work it out some day, you will

'Cause it takes you further every time
It will make you sweat like hell
You just can't keep gnashing your teeth forever

But you won't cry, why wouldn't you. no, you won't let them get to you
You won't cry and if anyone will try to tell you that
This ain't, this ain't the way it works
They're wrong
They're wrong so wrong

Well you've done enough to prove us all
That you won't let them get you down
But now I think the time has come to show yourself your weaknesses
'Cause I see you figured out by now this ain't the way things go
And it's time to work it out all, it is

'Cause it takes...

You won't cry...

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