Word Mastery lyrics

[Talking: K-Rino]
Y'all bout to witness word mastery
K-Water in the building, D-1 in the building
Ya boy K-Rino
This how we goin do
We operate on a high plane
Y'all boys crashed and landed years ago
So check the flow

[Verse 1:]
I'm warning ya
With two bars I'm vocally embalming ya
When it comes to harming ya I got seventy different formulas
Torment ya with a punch that left my whole right arm in ya
On a twenty thousand mile land strip I still corner ya
I grand ya ladiamond a powered form when I'm done with em
Correspond with warm sunrays and become one with them
My substances is trusted I saw the mic and I lust it
I'll spit a verse that'll rupture your bicuspid and bust it
My exhibitions is giving the victims and repetitions
With a clarity of a television with high definition
I'll crack you, at the (?)
Hover and cover you with a verbal wing span of a pterodactyl
Wickedly wreck styles with vocal project titles
That affect you and leave piles of organ that stretch miles
An emergency consume (yeah) every word will be approved
And when you lose at a verse that I use is every surgically removed
I interrogate rap bandits and narrowate parables
And burn ya outer flesh to your skin is unwareable
Your ghost in a garrow, your chances are narrow
You can't see me in battle my tongue cast the eighty mile shadow (yeah)
Your ask for the truth, I'm a give you actual proof
The top of my head slides back like a retractable roof
Your flow is awful; to the logical articles I'm impartial
You broke the law and got your whole comity court marshal

[Hook: x2]
You witnessing word mastery skill at his highest
It don't matter if you home or not it ain't wise to try this
Have of em got deals but I doubt they hit
Boy don't ever fix ya mouth and say the south can't spit

[Verse 2:]
I'll eventually get in ya head, and duck symphonies when ya dead
An unseen intensity that pin ya to ya bed
I minimize your stare apart a new fly as a craft
My flight is for feeble vibration's metal function in a size of a graph
I blast those critics who astro physics
A trillion square my word total past those digits
Never been gripitless the clever verb biberist word deliver
Who murdered every insurgent an ignorant cope a spiriter
The soul deliverist, who achieves advancements without weed enhancement
With seventeen angles who prove read my pamphlets
They dropping me, tend to posit of quartel technology
The custom brainstorms into fire media-logy
For my thoughts I make no apologize (uh-uh)
And I speak knowledge and teach you the difference between astronomy and astrology (ha)
I compeed you and cut you so bad with what I read you
That a hundred stare wound victims couldn't out bleed you

[Hook x2]

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