Worth Fighting For lyrics

Sunset on the highway to old Mexico Ruby like the wind upon my face
Thunder from a storm on the horizon far away Ruby cut directly to the chase
She said anywhere you're going baby
You just gotta know I'm on your side (I always was)
When you climb upon the stallion
You are bound to let him take you for a ride all the way
I know I'm still wild enough for you
And you know you you know you can count on me
Baby we used to be worth fightin' for so tell me are we

Anything like anything we used to be or tried to make believe before the fall
Tell me how the hell you keep your spirit (remember spirit)
Strong enough to answer to the call
Ruby closed her eyes and faced the heavens
She said take me to the stars one more time
I was doing eighty but I pushed her through the floor
And watched her climb out of sight (out of mind)
I know I'm still wild enough...

[ harmonica ]
Anywhere you're going baby...

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