Wreck Time lyrics

Hey get up!
Wake up!
Y'all know what time it is
4 A.M. every day we do this man it's wreck time
Don't make me pull this rip out
Hey you in the corner, I see ya over there try'na hide
Get up!
You didn't hide yesterday when you was pulling that same stunt
Line up!
It's Wreck Time

[Verse 1:]
I squeeze on em till the strap gotta bloody maroon trigger
I don't pour salt on the womb I just make the room bigger
By means of verbal discipline to many to list them
I'll lankily replace your bloodstream then poison your system
The pain and suffer is perpetual, my mic cuts ya eye (eye)
I leave ya barely alive but not sick enough to die
Scoop down like a bird a pray then pick em up and fly
You would have the speed of thought; you ain't quick enough to try
When they talk about the greatest don't nobody ride with'cha (uh-uh)
Like a cameraman in a photo shoot, you ain't in the picture
If you better than I still wouldn't end by assault
I spit for years until you finally dive and win by default
My mic flow is like mixing in fire with nitro-glistering
So magnificent you burn metabolism just by listen
Carry out all of my schemes no matter the means
I'll beat your head in while you're sleeping just to shatter your dreams

[Hook: x2]
It's wreck time, wreck time
Tell em it's wreck time
Hard South Park rhymes, shelves ya neck line
It's wreck time, wreck time
Better respect mine
Kill a south side rhymes
Bust like a tech nine

[Verse 2:]
The more the pressure applied the harder you better strive
If you got tight metaphors then I must have metafives
The first opponent tried and now he don't even look alive
The second one did like a professional swimmer and took a dive
Before I can enter your verbal clippin...
Slit his own throat just to divide me the satisfaction I'm gripping em
I sing and leave you grip hard with a quick raw stream
Dangling with'cha neckline and inside a get tossed string
I breathe into you like legal degrees of tight form fever
You couldn't hide from me in a reproductive seed of an omeba
Challenge K-Rino, yeah you be a fool to pursuit this
Even ya own potna's ask ya "Man, you sure you wanna do this? "
I spit artistic sickness, you dripped from the zone and the gifted
And got wicked cause you revel like you was hitless
The most complex five scene basic when I'm done
You undefeated bringing own while you replace it with a one

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
The sword fighter, the general, with senecal material
No milk I use bio-hazardous chemicals in my cereal
Actually you gotta spontaneously combust the fat of me
You shorten bars up like a cell phone with a low battery
I shine until I blind you, like pouting reflections
My rapping moving vocals are picked up by motion with Texas
I'm the depth broker, the hotness antagonistic provoker
The trendsetter of wall spirits, the hologram choker
I pin novels and hyperbaric bullet-proof fiber class (yeah)
And somehow physical kill a rapper, through a CIBER cast (yeah)
You couldn't rise higher than me on a track
If you was on a trampoline in space and I add a mountain strapped in my back
The messianic figure of rap and can't nobody stop em (right)
K-Rino could be an unclosed bottle you couldn't top me
I execrate ya pro and leave my opponent's with asthma
Forget money let's battle for organs and blood clasmas

[Hook x2]

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