Year Just Pass lyrics

Look at you mayne
Still on that same thang you was on back in the days mayne
I about to beleive in them lies no more mayne
You need to go get up and do something for yourself

[Verse 1:]
We like to blame the word when really we tie our own nusions
Spend ninety-five percent of the time making excuses
Everything you ever did was at a slow rate of speed
It's always somebody else's fault you didn't succeed
Carry out the same slow patterns for years in a row
If the coach ain't hate on me I could of went pro
You hate to see somebody being what'cha wish you could be
You on the coach criticizing them while lay on TV
Understand that what a gift from God we all was blessed
But best believe that talent alone don't promise success
Success comes when you ain't scared to act on a thought
The formula for winning is skill plus hustle plus heart
Your partition was never seed you stuck on freeze
Making no cheese because procrastination is a disease
What kind of man goin put his own destiny in his hand?
Instead you waiting for somebody else to give you a chance

As the years just pass
Yeah, week after week, month after month
You just sit around on yo ass
Huh, while everybody else is out there on the hunt
Homeboy you need to change yo ways
Man, stop roaching off folks and get'cha own
Still going through the same old phase
Seem like every other day you need a loan

[Verse 2:]
Everything you own in life is in a dirty little pouch
Almost 30 years old and living on yo mama's couch
You better man up quick you too old to be bratty
Feeling bad about your life because you never knew your daddy
If your parents wasn't there to raise you through the situation
Don't use that as a crutch, use it as a motivation
Making something of they-selve is what real soldiers do
So forgive em and try to do better than they was with you
See you been saying you goin get a job and come up with the quickness
You been saying you goin learn a trade and start your own business
You been saying you goin finish school for real and quit bluffing
Five years that went by you still saying but doing nothing
With your lack of confidence you make your own restrictions
Ain't nobody is like perfect we all walk in contradictions
And you couldn't of been came up and got you some shine
If you focus on getting yours and stop tripping on mine


[Verse 3:]
When you look into the mirror homie what do you see
I paid my dues in life now they starting to pay me
Had my times to keep my mouth, my times I talked
I done balled, I done struggled, I done rolled, I done routed
Came up and fell off, I been happy, I been lonely
I done ate good for years I done starved and went hungry
I done took and I done earn, got lucky and got burned
I done pull stunts and had stunts pulled on me and return
If you got kids and still have a change for your past
You need to take your belt off and let them whoop yo ass
Cuase they young and can't comprehend what you all about
But when they old enough to understand they'll call you out
See you ain't never been a brother, not to mention a friend
You not even been a has-been cause you never been to begin
When a person like you falls I'm never surprised
A two dollar ass fool telling million dollar lies


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