You Haven't Left Me Yet lyrics

The laughter is gone
The cryin is over
And Im not losing sleep anymore
The walls are all bare
The closets half empty
The phone doesnt ring like before
Im done with falln apart
Im waiting for my change of heart

I wake up alone
Knowin Im on my own again
Got it all straight in my head
Must be something I missed
As I went down the list
Of the things that I need to forget
Everythings gone
But you havent left me yet

I painted our room
Replaced all the curtains
And theres a new rug on the floor
Called up good will
Said come and get it
Everything she left behind is yours
I can still see you drivin away
So why do I still see your face

Repeat chorus

Theres not a picture left
Not a stitch of clothes
But theres still something here
And I dont believe in ghosts

Repeat chorus twice

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