Young And Innocent lyrics

CHORUS : Log on, and step pon chi chi man.
Log on from yu know seh yu nuh ickie man.
Log on and step pon chi chi man.
Dance wi a dance and a bun out a freaky man.
VERSE 1 : Bout boss a who da bredda could and a talk.
Gimme pass, yuh nuh si a dis ya dance di people dem want.
Step pon him like a old cloth.
A dance wi a dance and a crush out dem...
Bun blast yuh scare yuh ca bus di new dance.
Do di walk mi see the light and di torch dem fass.
Jeremy come help me do di brand new dance.
VERSE 2 : All right now yu nuh si dem bwoy ya tek man fi fool
Keeva tek dem to yu dancing school.
God a mi backative music a mi tool.
All right yah know

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